My favorite Sunday breakfast! The banana is the perfect replacement for eggs and keeps the taste similar to traditional french toast. Oh and the frosting is even better for leaving out butter and unnecessary extra syrup!

I receive a lot of questions like, "How do you not eat cheese?!" Well, I could give you a list of health reasons why... but to cut to the chase, Cashew Cheese is even better. It's pure, packed with protein, healthy fats, and it doesn't have any preservatives!

How about this for a meal? Walnuts are practically brain food, pears are naturally sweet, sweet potatoes are packed with carotene, and quinoa is a power food. It's no wonder that this dish makes me feel pretty good.

We all have or had some habits that weren't the best for us. I can't help but to relate habits to our overall well-being though. You know, fitness and nutrition in this case. How long does it take to break or maintain one?

These cookies are my morning treat with a cup of joe. They are packed with oatmeal to give me some fiber and energy along with some almonds to provide me with protein. I give you the option to make cookies or raw balls in this post. Either way, you'll love them.

I developed five Green Smoothies that you will absolutely love! These aren't suppose to taste harsh or unappetizing. Instead, they are suppose to make you feel renewed and clean.

I found a great store for you to check out filled with harm-free products that you can actually feel safe using. A few of my favorite products is their re-usable water bottles and shopping bags that I can take with me on the go or to the store.

Um...I'm kind of in love with this dessert. There is tons of texture to keep you excited. Is it just me or is there something fulfilling about sweet and salty in one bite all together? Just don't over do it on the salt and if you can... use Himalayan. I included some benefits of "why" in this post for you.

Looking for low carb appetizer or lunch? Check out these lettuce wraps with some good protein. If you didn't know Portobello Mushrooms contain some! Go crazy if you want and enjoy more than two, chances are you won't feel bad.

I got a chance to read some more of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra over the weekend. I came across one chapter that went over a topic that I felt would be beneficial for all of you to reflect on.

When's the last time you had a warm salad? There's something about them that are so satisfying. This one offers tons of iron, protein, and carotene. It's even a good change from a traditional raw salad. Enjoy!

Since Spring is just a couple days makes us all crave an island, hammock, and a refreshing beverage. Let me help you with the beverage part with these two refreshing smoothies at least? Cheers!

Check out this post to learn more about the benefits of not counting calories anymore and committing to a healthy lifestyle that actually serves you.

Most women don't think about it but a lot of lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner has chemicals and dyes. Check out this product line that has plant-derived mineral powders!

Everyone that tried these keep asking me how these brownies don't have any flour, refined sugar, or oil in them? I just keep telling them because they are magical. Super easy and clean treats to enjoy. A must try!

If your like a lot of people I know, you might have got a cold recently. The weather has been brutal with the snow so I've been craving soup like crazy. It's so nourishing when your slurping up a variety of vegetables warmed up on a spoon.

We often are cautious about what goes in our bodies by looking at ingredients and trying to decide what is best for us. We should really do the same when it comes to skin care though.

Lets try to make each day as positive as we can through gratitude. Check out this idea!