I teamed up with Svelte and came up with a great recipe for you to try with their tasty Protein Shakes that taste like you are having a decadent dessert. Great company to check out and awesome drink to make on a cold snowy day!!

Who doesn't love a good veggie burger?! The brown rice and beans in this keep it extra hearty and filling. It really is fresh overall though. I freeze them and use them through out the week. Hope you enjoy!

Keeping it mostly raw with this pie. The pumpkin and chocolate swirl work so well together but lets be honest, they make the pies appearance simple and beautiful. Unrefined sugars and all natural ingredients!

I enjoy introducing unique ingredients to smoothies. It keeps it exciting yet you receive a wide array of nutrients for your body. Fresh organic mint leaves are great for digestion, mood enhancement, and providing antioxidants. I like the mint paired with chocolate especially. It is similar to a Peppermint Patty but here you are tasting it in a nourishing smoothie!

Bibimbap bowls are known for meat or eggs but I kept this one even more simple with brown rice and veggies. The mushrooms are a great source of protein to subsitute as well.

It seems that it is more common to care about where our food comes from but what about our clothes? What was done in order to wear your fur jacket or leather boots? Joan brings awareness to this topic and keeps the style too cute to not want to learn more about it.

These balls are like fudge but healthy! Sesame seeds are one of my favorite seeds and when you mix them with chocolate, magical things happen.

Now that Spring is in the air, I have been craving raw pasta all the time. I love how light yet flavorful it is in the warm weather. I wanted to come up with something different than the well known zucchini pasta and I ended up with this!

Check out Door to Door Organics - they are making healthy convenient! We teamed up to save you some money on your first order.

This homemade dressing makes this salad taste like heaven. Kale can be harsh and difficult to adjust to for some. It is important to pair it with a creamy yet clean dressing that is easy on the palate.

If you are not a fan of a heavy breakfast or you are constantly on the go, I like the combination of mixing blueberries and oats in a smoothie. This is light on the stomach but still can be considered a meal replacement.

I love how simple these bites are to make. They remind me of the perfect appetizer to eat at a sports bar with friends for the health conscious person like me. In this scenario, I used these bites in my salad to keep things exciting and to get some extra protein. Hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Try this! You will absolutely love the combination of spices in a rich creamy coconut base. You can even use this sauce in a stir fry or for some sushi rolls.