I love how simple these bites are to make. They remind me of the perfect appetizer to eat at a sports bar with friends for the health conscious person like me. In this scenario, I used these bites in my salad to keep things exciting and to get some extra protein. Hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Try this! You will absolutely love the combination of spices in a rich creamy coconut base. You can even use this sauce in a stir fry or for some sushi rolls.

I love guacamole and I think it's great on sandwiches, salads, and for an appetizer! However, I don't like what restaurants add to it when I'm out to eat. Here's a good recipe for you to make the next time you have some friends over!

I had a spicy mango smoothie in Cayman Island this year and was instantly inspired. I loved the combination so much that I was brainstorming some ways to incorporate it in my meals. This wrap came to mind! It has a unique twist but it is still super simple to make. Hope you enjoy!

After working with a variety of wonderful companies, I'm excited to share the package I came up with for a chance for you to win a bunch of free stuff. Enter contest now!

If you have some bananas that are extra ripe, don't throw them out! Put them to good use and whip up this recipe that will leave your kitchen smelling cozy and your morning feeling delightful.

Check out some simple tips that could help your overall wellness day to day. Sometimes one small change can make a huge difference in your life.

A lot of salad dressings that we purchase are filled with sugar, preservatives, and sodium that tend to defeat the purpose of eating a salad in first place. Whip up this easy dressing with great ingredients to actually enhance the nutrition value.

I'm loving all your health questions you send me to my email. Keep them coming! Here is one that I received from a lot of you, "Should I avoid fat in my diet?" The truth is not all fats are going to necessarily hurt you. There's a difference between saturated and unsaturated. Read more here!

My favorite Sunday breakfast! The banana is the perfect replacement for eggs and keeps the taste similar to traditional french toast. Oh and the frosting is even better for leaving out butter and unnecessary extra syrup!

I receive a lot of questions like, "How do you not eat cheese?!" Well, I could give you a list of health reasons why... but to cut to the chase, Cashew Cheese is even better. It's pure, packed with protein, healthy fats, and it doesn't have any preservatives!

How about this for a meal? Walnuts are practically brain food, pears are naturally sweet, sweet potatoes are packed with carotene, and quinoa is a power food. It's no wonder that this dish makes me feel pretty good.

We all have or had some habits that weren't the best for us. I can't help but to relate habits to our overall well-being though. You know, fitness and nutrition in this case. How long does it take to break or maintain one?

These cookies are my morning treat with a cup of joe. They are packed with oatmeal to give me some fiber and energy along with some almonds to provide me with protein. I give you the option to make cookies or raw balls in this post. Either way, you'll love them.