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Tempeh is packed with protein and has a interesting crunchy texture. It pairs really well with butternut squash that is tender. This is a simple way to make a quick and warm dish on a chilly day.

This homemade dressing makes this salad taste like heaven. Kale can be harsh and difficult to adjust to for some. It is important to pair it with a creamy yet clean dressing that is easy on the palate.

If you are not a fan of a heavy breakfast or you are constantly on the go, I like the combination of mixing blueberries and oats in a smoothie. This is light on the stomach but still can be considered a meal replacement.

I love how simple these bites are to make. They remind me of the perfect appetizer to eat at a sports bar with friends for the health conscious person like me. In this scenario, I used these bites in my salad to keep things exciting and to get some extra protein. Hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Try this! You will absolutely love the combination of spices in a rich creamy coconut base. You can even use this sauce in a stir fry or for some sushi rolls.

I love guacamole and I think it's great on sandwiches, salads, and for an appetizer! However, I don't like what restaurants add to it when I'm out to eat. Here's a good recipe for you to make the next time you have some friends over!

I had a spicy mango smoothie in Cayman Island this year and was instantly inspired. I loved the combination so much that I was brainstorming some ways to incorporate it in my meals. This wrap came to mind! It has a unique twist but it is still super simple to make. Hope you enjoy!

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If you have some bananas that are extra ripe, don't throw them out! Put them to good use and whip up this recipe that will leave your kitchen smelling cozy and your morning feeling delightful.