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Lets just face it, we all have or had some habits that weren’t the best for us. I can’t help but to relate habits to our overall well-being though. You know, fitness and nutrition in this case. How long does it take to break or maintain one? I recently overheard one discussing with someone how he gets himself to go to the gym.


The way it worked was, he would say, “I can do A, only if I go do B later.” This was a motivational strategy obviously. An ultimatum for one to be motivated can be beneficial but it seems that there’s still a poor habit lying under the blanket. For instance, does this mean, he can eat a box of donuts only if he works out later that day? A poor habit like this can grow like you can’t imagine. Before you know it, it’s controlling your life, the way you feel, and the way you act.


This simple remark, made me think of all of us, how we work, and why do we need to have that poor action known as A at that moment. It seems that it comes down to us just wanting to be unconscious. We don’t want to think about what effect there is in our action at the time, we just want pure enjoyment to whatever it is. We need to understand that this enjoyment only fills a gap we have within us momentarily though.


Think about replacing A with alcohol, dessert, or affair and fill in the blank for B.



I can have some alcohol if I stay later at work today.

I can have extra servings of dessert only if I don’t eat anything tomorrow.

I can have an affair only If I make it up to my significant other with a gift.


It’s pure satisfaction and thrilling to do that something in the moment without any thought. We become selfish and want nothing more but to satisfy our needs at the time to feel better. What happens when our actions become rituals though?


If you’re falling back in a poor habit that satisfies you momentarily, chances are you will continue to. Before you know it, you’re not even incorporating the positive action known as B to counter-act with it.


So, relating to your overall health, try to get real with yourself on some habits that may be making you fall back mentally or physically. There’s a high chance that you’ve repeated it more than once already. How can you stop repeating it now? If it’s not allowing you to grow, let it go.


“Willing is not enough, you must do.”


Hope this helps! xo

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  1. Healthing You says:

    Joan! I just tried to comment one your post but it didn’t work. Just wanted to let you know how beautiful and brave it is to share your deepest self to the world. Go you! :)

  2. Joan says:

    I love this. It’s so true. Especially for us emotional eaters :)

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