-Have a colorful fruit bowl on the center of your table. This makes you more likely to grab a fruit on the go or just be more likely to want to eat more colorfully. More color means more phytonutrients!


-Go to bed at a decent time to assure you’re getting enough hours of sleep. If we don’t sleep enough, we can develop bad moods and poor eating habits easily.


-Make your own desserts or snacks! Such as Raise the Nut Energy Bars or Raw Lemon Banana Bars. This way you know what ingredients are in them and you feel less bad indulging.


-Have a juice or smoothie everyday. Make it a healthy habit to drink tons of fruits and vegetables to fuel you.


-Have your gym clothes packed to bring to work or laid out the night before to keep your mind-set that you are definitely working out.


-Cut some fresh vegetables and store in containers or bags. This way you will be more likely to add some to sandwich, salad, or dinner because of easy access of being ready to use.


-If you don’t have one already, purchase a large clear jar or glass to fill with ice-cold water through out the day. I find when I see the water and it’s cold, I’m more likely to drink lots of it. Even add some lemons in it to make it extra refreshing.


-Store a variety of seeds, nuts, and legumes in jars on your kitchen counter table to look appealing. This will excite you to cook with them in a variety of ways.


-Take time to sit in quiet each day by yourself. This may sound silly but it’s important to listen to your thoughts and have an approach to release the negativity your holding in. 


-Throw away. I repeat, throw away the junk food that is processed or artificial with refined sugars. If it’s in your cabinets, you will eventually eat it so what’s the point?


-Take into account how certain foods make you feel. If you had a grilled cheese and your stomach felt somewhat weird, avoid it. If you had an energy bar that made you feel fatigued, don’t eat it again.  It’s quite simple. Through trial and error, you will realize what works for you. Your food should benefit your body in all ways. That comes to beverages to snacks to meals.


-If you can, do some meal planning in the beginning of the week. On Sundays, I like to plan what I want to make each day to assure myself, I am eating a variety of whole foods and help with falling in a slump on a bad day. 


-Purchase a variety of greens. Salads can get boring. I find when I do different mixes of arugula, romaine, collards, spinach, kale, etc I’m more interested in eating one.


-Try to purchase food with not a lot of  ingredients and ones that you actually understand!  Monosodium Glutamate?  If you don’t know what the ingredient is, chances are your body wont either.


-Start using more spices and herbs to help clean eating taste amazing. If you buy low sodium or unsweetened, don’t feel worried about the taste. Simple ingredients like cilantro or cinnamon could be the simple answer to enhance the flavor.


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